Aug 31, 2016

Farmak helps schools under patronage to get ready for a new school year

The Charitable Foundation Farmak from year to year helps its sponsored institutions to meet the Day of Knowledge with repaired classes, gyms, corridors and so on. 2016 was no exception. The Foundation has traditionally responded to the appeal of educational institutions donating about UAH 300,000 to their needs.

For decades, the Farmak Company and the Charitable Foundation Farmak has been supporting the Malyatko Orphanage and schools located in Podil district of Kyiv. Also, they care of the secondary school in the Nemyryntsi village in Zhytomyr region. Thanks to their support, schools have got new computer labs, gyms and playgrounds, new heating systems, windows and more.

This year, the CF Farmak also contributed to making the favorable training conditions at the sponsored schools.

Thus, thanks to the CF Farmak, the Malyatko Orphanage and Romano-Germanic School №123 performed the current repairs and maintenance of facilities, and the school №2 named after D.M. Karbyshev renovated its gym and museum. In general, the Foundation directed about UAH 200,000 to needs of educational institutions of Podil district.

Much has been done for Nemyryntsi School: they have waterproofed the basement, replaced plumbing equipment, launched a Wi-Fi network with Internet access throughout the school, bought a multifunction device, made ongoing technical updates of the computer lab. The total work estimate was UAH 100,000.

Filya Zhebrovska, Farmak CEO: "We want our children to grow up in comfort, to be healthy, strong and intelligent. Children are our future, a strong and prosperous Ukraine. That is why we took care for educational institutions for more than 20 years. We do our best to ensure modern training environment for children, to provide access to new technologies and develop their skills. "

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