Jul 03, 2013

Farmak supported the CSR Academy Project

Farmak JSC became a partner of the CSR Academy educational project that continued from December 2012 to the end of June 2013. CSR Centre and Economika publishing house acted as the project initiators.

The project was completed with defence of 20 projects by the Academy students who presented their developments in CSR area using knowledge gained during training.

Uniqueness of the project is that such a large-scale educational project for corporate social responsibility managers was launched for the first time in Ukraine and CIS countries. One more feature of the course is that it was practice-oriented. Both international experts and representatives of national companies – leaders in CSR – became the lecturers of the CSR Academy.

Managers from the largest Ukrainian companies and CSR researches have become listeners of the course. Farmak also sent two representatives to attend CSR Academy.

Dina Nemyrovych, Strategy Director, Farmak, says, “We are positively assessing our role in CSR Academy project. This unique project enabled to enhance our knowledge of CSR in Ukrainian business community. After all one of the objectives of our CSR corporate strategy is promotion of principles of constant development in business environment”.

Olena Gladskikh, CSR Academy project administrator and CSR column editor at delo.ua portal, says, “At the very beginning two Farmak representatives have intrigued everybody. The thing is that all other companies sent their CSR specialists or PR employees to enhance and classify their knowledge. However Farmak sent deputy shop foreman and Quality Control engineer. It was very challenging to work with them in teams solving practical tasks”.

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