Dec 16, 2014

Farmak to donate the electrocoagulator to the Border Service Hospital

Farmak, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, with the support of Farmak Charitable Fund, donated the electrocoagulator to the Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Farmak’s employees gave support to the hospital as well. They arranged and held a charity fair where the items made by the employees themselves and their family members were exhibited. Some employees offered such services as PC repair, photo shooting etc.

The amount of over 20 thousand UAH was raised. Farmak Charitable Fund doubled the amount and purchased the equipment for the Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, namely a high frequency electrocoagulator EK-300M1 (set). This is a unique high-tech device produced in Ukraine (producer – International Association Welding), used in surgery.

Oleksiy Yatsyuk, CSR manager, Farmak, says, “In this time challenging for the country, many of our fellow citizens direct their efforts to help the military men defending our country in the East. Farmak’s employees could not stay on the sidelines either. A group of activists proposed to arrange a crafts fair to support the soldiers in the hospital. This initiative found a broad response in the hearts of our colleagues”.

Farmak wishes strength, energy, and health all those who defend our Motherland in the East of the country. Please come back alive.


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