Sep 07, 2015

Farmak held the second Family Olympics in Shostka

Farmak JSC, Ukrainian manufacturer of medicines, leader in pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, for the second year in a row took the initiative to organize of the Family Olympics in Shostka.  The sports day became one of the signature moments of the City Day celebration held on 3 September 2014.

Farmak JSC is implementing the Construction Project manufacturing site in Shostka, which is planned to be commissioned soon.  Approximately 90% of specialists, who will work at the Company, reside in the city.  Farmak plans a number of social initiatives for them and other people in Shostka generally.  One of such initiatives is the celebration of the Family Olympics, which the pharmaceutical producer holds for people in Shostka for the second year in a row.

The central area has traditionally become the location for holding the Family Olympics.  Families with children aged 7–13 years were invited to take part in the competitions.  A total of 17 families registered.

Families competed persistently for the main prize: three bicycles for the whole family.  The Program of the Olympics contained three relay races: Football, Basketball, and Rugby.  Fans and the city inhabitants actively supported the teams.

For the second time in a row, the Terekhov family: Inna, Oleksandr and Denys, who is 10 years old, became the winner of the Family Olympics in Shostka and the most sporting family in the city.  The family is actively engaged in sports in their everyday life; they trained even more intensive before the competitions.  That is what helped them to win.

Vladyslav Strashny, Director of Corporate Relations, Farmak JSC: Our Company is a leader in Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and we understand that products we manufacture, clearly shows its social nature!  That is why Farmak makes its voluntary contribution in community development in social, economic, and environmental sectors that is related directly to our core operation of human healthcare.

Both in Kyiv (where our main site is located) and in Shostka (where we are constructing our ultramodern plant), Farmak sets up most the most favorable conditions for realization of employees’ potential and improvement of labor efficiency and is committed to being the best employer.  In addition, we also put special emphasis on well-being and happiness of people, who work side-by-side with us.  We are also committed to making Shostka Family Olympics a good tradition for people in the city.

Oleksandr Senchenko, President, Family Sports Association of Ukraine: Family sports have an extremely positive effect not only on health of families, but also on their unity, because all family members are engaged.  Parents by their own example demonstrate to children how important it is to go in for sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Children see achievements of their parents in sports and take pride in them.

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