Aug 04, 2015

Farmak launched a social project “Foster grandchildren” to mark its 90th anniversary

This year, Farmak Company, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, celebrates its 90th anniversary. For so many years, we help people maintain their health and live as long as possible, that is why we wish to hold our celebration symbolically together with the people who have attained the same age, as the Company reached.

With the support of the Podilsky district organization of Ukrainian Red Cross Society in Kyiv, we have initiated a long-term joint project “Foster grandchildren” to help elderly people living alone. Thanks to the information provided by our partner, as part of the initiative Farmak will patronize about 300 elderly people over 80 years who live in Kyiv’s Podil and Shostka (Sumy region), and do not have relatives. Farmak will consistently continue to patronize them in subsequent years.

Filya Ivanovna Zhebrovskaya, General Director at Farmak JSC: “Our products help people maintain physical health as long as possible. Even though it is very important, but not enough for a person to feel happy and enjoy life. No less important than drugs, there are caring treatment and sincere attention, especially for the elderly. Together with the Red Cross Society of Podilsky district we initiated this project to draw attention to the problem of single older people and help them.”

We have already distributed food packages to almost 200 old grandparents living in Kyiv’s Podil. More than 2 000 employees in the capital joined campaign in support of older people. Since June, in Farmak office there are charity boxes for cash contributions, long-life foods, as well as the “cure” for loneliness – letters of congratulations, children's drawings and the like. The campaign will last until August 10, so everyone can donate useful things for grandparents who really need our attention.

Farmak will spend the collected funds on acquiring basic personal hygiene items for people we patronize. Together with other collected stuff, they will be delivered to long-living persons with the support of Podilsky district organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

As a transparent and socially responsible company, Farmak will annually report on the results of the “Foster grandchildren” campaign and plan the next steps of the project to help elderly people living alone.

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