Oct 03, 2014

Farmak launched a Website for Avouge® Cosmetic Product

Farmak JSC, the leader of Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, launched a promo website for Avouge® Biogel line, a new generation of safe products for contour plastic surgery.

The website offers reference information about Avouge® Biogel line: the cosmetic product description and indications for use.

In addition, the website shows news about Avouge® and allows getting an expert advice on specific features of the product and its use.

Nadiya Derkach, Marketing Consultant, Farmak JSC, says, “Our promo website for Avouge® Biogel line provides a tool to communicate with patients and experts, which will make it possible to communicate the information related to use and effect of Avouge® and Avouge® Plus as promptly and completely as possible. The website will also become a venue for our interactive communications with the target audience”.


Product Profile

Avouge® is a line of fillers for contour plastic surgery, which contain hyaluronic acid (sodium salt form) in 22 mg/ml concentration.

Hyaluronic acid forming part of Avouge® Biogels is obtained by biofermentation from Streptococcus culture using unique patented HESH-process that results in biogel with hybrid properties: elasticity of biphasic and plasticity of monophasic products.

Avouge® contains hyaluronic acid in two conditions: firstly, stabilized with butanediol diglycidyl ether and, secondly, as a linear hyaluronic acid.

The unique structure of hyaluronic acid Avouge® Biogel makes it possible to prolong the effect and achieve the desirable outcome with a smaller volume.

Crosslinking of hyaluronic acid with butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE), which forms part of Avouge® Biogel, facilitates prolongation of its effect.


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