Jan 17, 2019

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved Eco-school study manual

A unique teaching and methodical manual presented by Farmak JSC and Ukrainian Ecological Club Green Wave NGO for use in general educational institutions within the framework of the Eco-school project was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in December 2018.

This manual is designed for schoolchildren of 2 to 10 grades and teachers of nature study subjects. It includes key and important environmental issues facing the world today.

It should be reminded that Farmak JSC expanded the boundaries of the Eco-school project by having involved 10 schools of Kyiv. The project starts in January 2019 and will last 9 months. During their studies at Eco-school, schoolchildren will gain new knowledge about environmental problems, ways to solve them and basics of project management. Having obtained theoretical and practical knowledge, schoolchildren will develop eco-projects for their schools. The best of them will receive mini grants from Farmak JSC for their implementation.

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