Nov 20, 2018

Farmak JSC was visited by representatives of UNDP from Moldova, Turkey, and Ukraine

The purpose of the visit was to increase sustainability in the healthcare sector.

On 15 November, Farmak welcomed the representatives of the government, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and UN system agencies within the framework of the Sustainable Procurement Workshop of the United Nations Development Programme.

During the visit, the guests learned about Farmak’s environmental policy.

“For Farmak, sustainable development is one of the main vectors of development. We care about the environment. We monitor emission sources and ensure efficient operation of gas treatment plants. The production facilities in Kyiv and in Shostka have modern equipment and state-of-the-art air and water treatment systems with purification degree of 95-99%. Farmak’s goal is to reduce the amount of waste buried at landfills. In 2017, 720 tons of waste were collected and delivered for disposal. The company has introduced and operates an energy management system”, said Andriy Goy, Farmak Technical Director, while speaking with the guests.

During the visit, the UNDP representatives were invited to the company’s production facilities. “This was my first visit to pharmaceutical production of such a scale. Among the things I saw, I was the most surprised by the clothes changing process, safety standards, rules of staying in clean rooms. Then, my attention was drawn to the production areas themselves: lines, rooms, preparation units. It was interesting to eyewitness the manufacture of medicines we use”, noted Oleksandr Kokuritsa a, UNDP Programme Coordinator in Moldova.

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