Nov 09, 2018

Executive Director of Farmak JSC presented a case on entry into Australian market at the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum

The Australian market is considered well-regulated – at the same level as the US and the EU. Therefore, only few Ukrainian companies have the opportunity to supply their products to this country. The share of sales to Australia and Oceania in Ukrainian exports of pharmaceutical products is only 0.3%.

“Today, Farmak is about the only Ukrainian pharmaceutical company exporting to Australia. It did not take us long to enter this market, as our products meet the high requirements set to supply products to this region. In 2015, negotiations with representatives of an international company with an office in Australia were held. In 2017, Farmak shipped the first batch to this country. The availability of a certificate issued by the Australian regulator facilitates access to other markets. Our goal is to increase exports in the sales structure to 40% over the next five years. The pharmaceutical quality system in place and innovative approaches to production enable us to export to well-regulated markets. Our closest horizons are the EU countries (Germany, Great Britain), the United States, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates”, said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Executive Director of Farmak JSC.

We remind that the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum set up by Adam Smith Conferences was held on November 7–8 in Kyiv. The event brought together about 150 representatives of Ukrainian and international companies.

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