Dec 11, 2018

Ten Kyiv schools joined Farmak’s “EcoSchool” project

Farmak JSC expanded the borders of its environmental project “EcoSchool” by involving 10 schools of Kyiv.

Students of schools in Podilsky district of Kyiv became participants of the “EcoSchool” project. Its intended duration is 9 months.

A unique manual that embraces the most crucial and important issues the world faces today has been developed for students. This manual has already been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Studying in the “EcoSchool”, students will obtain new knowledge about environmental problems, ways to address them and principles of project management.

After obtaining the required theoretical and practical knowledge, students will develop ECO-projects for their schools. The best of them will receive mini-grants from Farmak JSC for their implementation.

“After attending the “EcoSchool”, students will never be the same again. They will take all future decisions from the perspective of ecology and usefulness of their actions for the environment. This is how we will educate an eco-friendly society that will create and protect. Besides, knowledge in the area of project management will help solve any problem that students may face in the future. Farmak always promotes new, innovative, effective ideas. Everything we do whether a drug or a project initiated by Farmak, is for the benefit of people. An eco-friendly society is undoubtedly a cure for our planet, which can heal it from global changes taking place on the Earth”, noted Pavlo Pavlyk, Operations Director of Farmak JSC.

“The world is drowning in flows of information, the pace of life is accelerating, consumption of resources and production of waste is growing. Given the limitation of time afforded for daily life decisions, it is necessary to have a “roadmap” of actions and basic knowledge to understand, who we are and where our place in the global ecosystem is. I hope that young people from all regions of Ukraine will join the “EcoSchool” initiatives and find the right answers and practical solutions to local environmental problems”, added Oleksandra Khalaim, Head of the Ukrainian Environmental Club Green Wave.

Background: The pilot of the “EcoSchool” project was successfully implemented in Shostka, where Farmak’s API Production Department is located. 9 local schools participated in the project. As part of the project, students of 8th-11th grades attended an 8-month educational course on global theoretical environmental issues and learned how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The best projects aimed at addressing the environmental problems of a particular school received mini-grants from Farmak JSC for their implementation. The successful launch of the “EcoSchool” project allows expanding it to various parts of Ukraine, involving drivers of the environmental education movement, socially responsible businesses and, most importantly, caring and progressive youth of the country. In 2018, the “EcoSchool” project became one of Ukraine’s 20 best social projects.

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