Nov 20, 2020

VIII Scientific and Practical Conference of the School of Young Scientists of JSC Farmak “Science and Modern Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”

On November 19, 2020, JSC Farmak hosted the VIII Scientific and Practical Conference of the School of Young Scientists, which was attended by almost 60 guests and employees of the Company. A total of 28 reports by Ukrainian scientists, specialists of the Company, as well as post-graduates and students of the Ukrainian leading universities were presented.

The Conference covered a wide range of topics and areas of scientific research of various scientific schools of the Ukrainian universities: National University of Pharmacy, Lviv Polytechnic National University, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv International University, Zaporizhia State Medical University etc.

The School of Young Scientists was established by the Chief Scientific Consultant of JSC Farmak, Doctor of Medical Sciences Viktor Marhitych.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference was online and lasted one day. Reports on current topics of modern science and pharmaceutical manufacturing were presented online: search for new molecules and APIs, pharmaceutical development of new dosage forms, methods of analysis. The majority of speakers were asked additional questions, which indicates a high level of relevance of the presented topics in the scientific community.

“Since the start of the School of Young Scientists conferences and including the VIII Scientific and Practical Conference in 2020, we observe a steady trend of increasing the level of scientific, innovative and practical significance of the presented scientific works of participants for the pharmaceutical industry, practical medicine, disease prevention and human health promotion. The scientific publications are contained in the collection of materials relating to the VIII Scientific and Practical Conference of the School of Young Scientists of JSC Farmak,” the moderator of the Conference Halyna VOSKOBOINIKOVA said.

The pharmaceutical industry is a very science-based industry. Farmak understands the importance of supporting Ukrainian scientists and encouraging young people to pursue a passion for science. Powerful Ukrainian scholarly traditions should become the national highlight which is recognized internationally and a competitive factor in the global world. With a systematic government approach, Ukraine can become one of the world’s R&D centres. The Company invests approximately USD 15 million per year in R&D. Farmak annually launches about 20 new complex medicinal products to the market. The Company closely cooperates with the Ukrainian leading universities. Farmak signed a memorandum on cooperation with the Junior Academy of Sciences and became a partner of the Museum of Science. To mark the 95th anniversary, the book “Bude tobi nauka” (That’s science for you) was published about scientists who changed the world with their inventions.



The School of Young Scientist is a modern platform for professional development and exchange of experience. The Company invites all interested parties because this project is designed to support the scientific ideas of young employees, provides an opportunity to present their achievements, grow in the science and get a chance for professional fulfilment. The project was launched at Farmak 13 years ago. Initially, it was a platform where knowledge and experience were exchanged between various structural units of the Company. Subsequently, the number of like-minded people significantly expanded, and young scientists from Ukrainian industry-specific universities were invited to these meetings. The first scientific and practical conference “Science and Modern Pharmaceutical Manufacturing” was held in 2013. Topical issues of today were discussed at this forum and at the subsequent conferences: development of medicinal products and biologic pharmaceutical products according to ICH standards, research of new pharmaceutical and biologic molecules, review of changes in the regulation of medicinal products circulation, bioequivalence studies and other issues related to pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality control, marketing and finance. The reports presented by the participants are evaluated on a competitive basis by a commission consisting of representatives of the Company and professors from leading universities. Winners selected by open scoring are granted rewards. Other participants are issued diplomas and certificates. The initiatives of the Company’s employees and participating guests are not ignored. Students and post-graduates have the opportunity to become part of a team of high-qualified specialists from the leading pharmaceutical company of Ukraine. Young colleagues get the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements and potential.

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