Jul 04, 2023

Farmak received the Bravery Star from the European Business Association

The European Business Association (EBA) has recognized companies that fearlessly move forward and succeed even during the war in Ukraine. Among them, the leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market* Farmak, which joined the EBA in 2015, also received a distinction.

The European Business Association is the largest association of foreign, European and domestic businesses in Ukraine, founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission. Members of the Association are representative offices of the largest international enterprises, as well as companies of Ukrainian origin that share the European values of doing business. Together, EBA members are working to increase the investment attractiveness of Ukraine in the interests of society, the economy and the country as a whole.

Bravery Star Award

“We are confident that your dedication to work in Ukraine will inspire other business leaders, including global ones, to stimulate economic growth and help create a sustainable and prosperous business environment in our country,” said Anna Derevyanko, Executive Director of the European Business Association .

“For enterprises in Ukraine, it is now very important to work together to keep a strong economic rear. As long as the business is running, the state has a stable source of budget revenues, including costs for the support of the Army, and Ukrainian families have a job that allows them to have a decent standard of living even during the war. This is the logical side of things, but in life it means that for millions of Ukrainians, courage has become an integral part of the worldview. After all, only by being brave, we can defend our own. Thank you for this important reminder,” comments Yevgeniya Piddubna, Director for Corporate Communications at Farmak.

*the leader of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in terms of sales of medicines in monetary terms (according to Proxima Research as of May 2023)

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