May 01, 2023

Farmak is in the TOP-15 employers during the war according to the Dilova Stolytsia

The Dilova Stolytsia magazine has published an annual rating of the best employers in the country. This year, the HR strategy of enterprises during the war was taken into account. Farmak was among the top 15 employers and the only one among Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

According to Dilova Stolytsia, the best employers should ensure the safety of their employees, preserve jobs as much as possible, support the psychological health of employees, help their employees in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defence, and contribute to the country’s defense capability.

Among the reliable employers noted by the publication are Kyivstar, DTEK, METINVEST, MHP, Foxtrot, Philip Morris, Biosfera, the EVA store line and others.

For its part, Farmak introduced a 3-step HR strategy, which includes: supporting employees from the frontline territories, providing with all the necessary items workers in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as ensuring safe working conditions in the company.

The company relocated its specialists to Kyiv from Kharkiv, where its research laboratory was located. Medical workers from the occupied territories and regions where hostilities areactive have been employed in safer cities of Ukraine. The company allocated UAH 4 million to help workers who lost their homes due to hostilities.

Farmak provided more than 70 employees who went to the front with military ammunition, and on an ongoing basis buys drones, night vision devices, cars, etc. for them.

The company invested UAH 24 million in factories in Kyiv and Shostka to equip modern shelters that can withstand a bomb or missile strike, as well as protect against chemical, bacteriological and radiation hazards.

Since February 24, 2022, Farmak has not stopped financial support for employees. The company even increased the salaries of all employees and extended the accrual of bonuses.

The employees of the enterprise have a good social package with health insurance, opportunities for professional and personal development, annual health screening, etc.

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