Jul 28, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is now one of the 7 priority sectors of the Ukrainian economy

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to include the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of production of medicines and medical devices in the priority sectors of the economy of Ukraine.

What does this mean for the industry?

This will help attract state investment support for production, increase the number of jobs, guarantee the uninterrupted production of medicines and, most importantly, provide access to quality medicines for Ukrainians. In other words, to promote the development of the industry in general and the local drug manufacturer in Ukraine, in particular.

During the war, it became clear to everyone that medicine is one of the most important and necessary products for the Army and the population. A strong pharmaceutical industry is one of the guarantees not only of the health and well-being of people but also of national security!

“The pressure on the pharmaceutical industry is now extremely high. In addition to the actual production of medicines and medical devices and provision of them to pharmacies and healthcare facilities, and hence patients, the pharmaceutical industry fills the economy. That is why it is necessary to ensure the stability of the work of such enterprises. The pharmaceutical industry is a socially responsible sector of the economy, so its inclusion in the list of priority sectors is an important step,” said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

In total, 6 priority sectors of the economy were identified in Ukraine before this: agro-industrial complex, housing and communal services, machine-building, transport infrastructure, resort and recreational sphere and tourism, as well as processing industry.

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