Oct 24, 2022

People come first: Farmak’s HR initiatives were ranked as one of the best nationwide

Ukrainian rating magazine “TOP-100. Reitynh naibilshykh” (“TOP-100. Ratings of the Largest”), together with Delo.UA and Ekonomika+, published a selection of the best cases from the largest companies on the implementation of the latest HR technologies.

Farmak is a large team with about 3,000 employees. And among the general HR initiatives that every responsible company must introduce during the war, we are looking for individual ways to support our people.

It was after a series of economic and political crises, and then with the outbreak of the war, that it became clear that specialists are not just the core of any company’s business, but the most liquid asset that needs to be said goodbye last.

Especially the loss of human capital was felt by those companies that invested heavily in the development of their team. Now hundreds of thousands of such qualified professionals are looking for (and successfully finding) a job in their specialty outside of Ukraine. Obviously, some of them cannot be returned: social network feeds are full of good news – who and where successfully found a job in the Old or New World. The shortage of professional personnel, the need to universalize the skills of specialists remaining in Ukraine, and the start of training new personnel – all this will become a package of new challenges before and after our victory for the largest companies in the country.

The ranking consists of several parts. The first part is a set of profiles and short business cards that inform about the key projects of a particular company. The second part is a digest of cases or interviews, where HR managers will talk in more detail about their experience in implementing advanced HR technologies.

The selection of cases and profiles from each company included in the long list of the ranking was made by each expert depending on his subjective understanding of the ranking criteria. The publication of the ranking does not provide for ranking by common parameters.


Pharmaceutical company | 2,941 employees

Despite the losses that the company suffered during the war – the warehouse of finished products and materials near Kyiv was destroyed, Farmak managed to save the most important thing – its team. Today, the company continues to employ about 3,000 employees. Employees not only retained their jobs and receive wages, but also have an additional social package.

Farmak employees, who lost their homes due to hostilities, received additional assistance from the company. The company allocated more than UAH 2 million for this, and payments will continue. Farmak also relocated its specialists from Kharkiv, where the company had a research laboratory to Kyiv. Medical workers from the occupied territories, regions where hostilities are active, were employed in safer cities of Ukraine. The employees who went to the front to defend their homeland, and there are 60 of them, were fully supplied by the company with military ammunition. Unfortunately, there were losses, one employee of the enterprise died on the front line. The Ukrainian defender left two small children. To support the family, Farmak undertook to pay ½ of the wages of the deceased father for support until the children come of age.

As a responsible employer, Farmak makes every possible effort to create safe working conditions at the enterprise in times of war. The company is equipped with new modern shelters in Kyiv and Shostka, capable of withstanding a bomb or missile attack, and also, thanks to powerful filtration systems, protect against chemical, bacteriological, and radiation hazards. According to the State Emergency Service, this is one of the best shelters in the country.

In addition, the company arranged vehicles to transport workers from home to the plant and from the plant home. All employees of the company have health, accident, and critical illness insurance. Farmak also provides its workers with free flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as screenings to prevent the most common diseases. So, for example, once a year, employees undergo fluorography, and women can do mammography to prevent and timely detect breast cancer, which is the most common cancer among women according to the NHSU.

The company also cares about the emotional state of employees. To do this, mental-respiratory gymnastics is carried out weekly, and useful collections of psychological self-help are regularly prepared. Also, employees are trained in medical care and civil defense, organized by the enterprise. Farmak itself has not canceled corporate studying either and, even in war conditions, continues to provide all the conditions for the development of employees.

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