Elderly care

For 90 years “Farmak” has been working to improve the lives and health of people, because it is the supreme value for us. We use the latest technology for the production of drugs, so they effectively help to overcome the diseases and prolong human life. We try to make our products available to all Ukrainians.

But no less important area of ​​our work is the implementation of social projects aimed at improving the lives of our compatriots. One such initiative is to change the attitude of Ukrainians to the elderly people. Why elderly people? Because we are convinced that happy and encompassed with care elderly people mark a healthy society.

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of our company, with the support of the Podilsky district organization of Ukrainian Red Cross Society in Kyiv, we have initiated a long-term social project “Foster grandchildren”. It aims to draw attention to the problem of lonely elderly people in Ukraine. It is well known that the elderly people who continue active life and are socially adapted (raising grandchildren, doing things they love), look younger and feel healthier. But lonely, cut off from the life elderly people begin to get sick more often and eventually lose their taste for life. Often the reason for this is not the age, but the loneliness and feeling of uselessness.

Now the project covers Podilsky district in Kyiv, Shostka and Nemyryntsi village in Zhytomyr region. An important part of the project was a direct communication of Farmak employees with elderly people and learning from their practical wisdom, knowledge and experience. As a result of the communication of our volunteers with long-living persons in Podilsky district, the book “To live” will be published. It will contain unique memories of elderly people that can’t be found in any library or archive. These memories show life, soul, childhood and youth of elderly people from Kyiv. This is frank, honest and therefore extremely interesting book about life in your favorite city.

For elderly people, this book became an opportunity to once again become necessary, and return to the social life. After all, perhaps, after reading it you will want to become “foster grandson or granddaughter” for lonely grandparents to give them moments of joy in communication, care, help.

Furthermore, this book is a charity edition, all proceeds from its sale will go to help lonely long-living people. Therefore, the next step after its publication will be holding a charity auction where people can buy a special copy of the book autographed by the authors.

With this project, we want to "infect with the virus of good" as many Ukrainians as possible to draw their attention to the lonely grandparents, who live nearby, give them a piece of warmth and love, and become their “foster grandchildren”. Thus, elderly people will get the opportunity to share their valuable life experience, knowledge and wisdom with younger generation.

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Farmak launched a social project “Foster grandchildren” to mark its 90th anniversary

This year, Farmak Company, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, celebrates its 90th anniversary. For so many years, we help people maintain their health and live as long as possible, that is why we wish to hold our celebration symbolically together with the people who have attained the same age, as the Company reached.

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