JSC “Farmak” is the market leader since 2010. What makes a company like this?

the so-called PROJECT, which is intended to introduce the departments “Farmak” with each other. Show how the department / department / department responds from the inside. What concepts does the word “quality” put into. After all, the quality for each unit is its own, but nevertheless it is unique for the entire Company.

Проект «Якість починається з мене»: Відділ управління інформацією реєстраційного досьє

“The quality to me is primarily the answer to the question ‘Do I want the products of our Company, if necessary, to be consumed by close people and chosen among the variety of competitors and their products?” – Anastasia PODKOLZINA, Head of Department of Registration Dossier Information Management

Медико-регуляторний департамент: тут знають про продукт усе

“We’re standing guard over the efficacy and safety of our medicinal products. It is the specialists of our Unit who are responsible for conducting clinical trials, and this makes it possible to study our products even more carefully and confirm their efficacy and safety for a patient. After all, our Company’s products are medicinal products that affect the most valuable thing – human life and health and it is important!” – Diana BESAGA, Head of Medical Regulatory Unit

So, we introduce one of the updated departments – Medical Regulatory Department, reorganized in May 2018.

Quality begins with me. Quality Director Service

“We have built the European quality system in the Ukrainian company”, said Olga Oleksiichuk, Quality Director of Farmak JSC.