TOP 20 MEDICAL INNOVATIONS OVER 20 YEARS or 20 touches to the portrait of the 21st century medicine

According to one of the popular online jokes, all the “experts” in the political science have suddenly become “experts” in virology. But the truth is that many non-medical people are trying to understand the basics of what is happening, what to fear of and how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Many of them for the first time in their life have learned what R0 is, taken a “crash course” of hygiene, virology and epidemiology, and learned the names of the drugs that most likely they will never need. But most importantly, everyone is waiting for a breakthrough – a vaccine that protects us from the virus, or the development of a drug that will help cure those who are ill.

Taking into account the increased public interest in medical science, and Farmak could not ignore this and decided to create a joint project that would give an idea of what is happening (and has been happening for 20 years) in the global medicine. This was the start of the first Ukrainian rating of medical innovations from 2000 to 2020.


DNA sequencing

In 1953 a group of British researchers managed to understand the structure of the DNA molecule that contains all the information about the structure and body of any living creature, including human. It is difficult to imagine almost any of the medical advances described in this project without this discovery. Similarly, the rest of modern medicine and biology cannot exist without it.

Embryos and ova vitrification

Reproductive medicine for a variety of reasons experiences the need to preserve the oocytes (female reproductive cells) or embryos for some time. For example, a woman should immediately undergo treatment, which can damage the germ cells.