Trade union as an aspect of internal social culture of JSC “Farmak”

“A trade union organization is a bridge bringing employees and employers together. The more solid it is, the better. The key factors that strengthen this ‘bridge’ are active life position, openness and transparency, as well as a desire to become a reliable social partner for each Farmak worker and support for the employer”, said Pavlo Oleksiichuk.

Dossier Preparation and Management department: Corporate Library

«Quality starts with myself» —literally! -jokes Iryna Metchinska, an engineer with the information department or just the main Farmak librarian. The main books about quality are collected in our library, and again all of our employees start their career here. The first thing that people re asking if they intend to grow in the company is: is there a library in the company? “».

Financial services

Accounting, control, quality analytics, budgets, reports, taxes, tenders, payments, loans, inventory – are recurrent services. Accounting, budgeting, management accounting, tax accounting, treasury and tender departments – provide smooth work, planning and operation of all transactions of the Company.